Tip 6: Use inline CSS/JS or minified files

Tip number 6 is to use inline CSS/JS or minified files – browser do less. Here’s a list of some of the CSS and JS files enqueued for this post. Before minifying the CSS into a single file it makes more sense to avoid enqueing it. Let’s try that, using oik-unloader.

Tip 5: Remove plugins you don’t use

Remove plugins you don’t use – server do less, and potentially browser do less. To implement this I’m using my oik-unloader plugin. This deactivates the plugins that aren’t needed on the home page, but leaves them active on other pages. We can see what effect this has on the server and front-end performance. Deactivated / unloaded plugins … Read more

Tip 2: Fast theme

Choose a fast theme that’s not full of bloatware, delivering unused CSS and JavaScript to the browser for every single request.

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Staging site or Live site?

This post was written on the Live site after I’d created a staging version of the site ( called cwicc staging ). This was created as staging2.cwiccer.com – a subdomain. Now I’m going to publish this post and create a new staging copy.

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