Automatic anchor IDs?

What makes them work? It would appear that the automatic anchor IDs feature that was added in WordPress 5.9, and/or a certain version of Gutenberg, has been disabled from Gutenberg 12.7.0 onwards. If you want to enable automatic anchor IDs in your theme you will need to use some code in functions.php. This site is … Read more

WordPress SEO

Plugin name and descriptionPlugin linksVersion, total downloads, last update, testedYoast SEOImprove your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin.wordpress-seohome18.9429,544,69017th May 20225.9.3

Server response by plugin revisited

The chart below displays a comparison of server response times for requests to the “Perf init?” page. vanilla represents the results when the minimum plugins required to gather the figures were activated. The other lines represent the results obtained when only that plugin was additionally activated.

The further the line is to the right, the longer the server response.

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Plugins used

Here’s a summary of the WordPress plugins used to provide the figures and charts displayed on this website.

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Server response by plugin

Do you know what effect a plugin has on your server response? The chart below compares the effect of the 12 most popular plugins ( measured by total downloads ) against a “vanilla” install. Analysis Some plugins can seriously impact the server response of your website. They do this for every single request to the … Read more

Tip 9: Optimize your database

Performance Tip 9 is to Optimize your WordPress database
– server do less.

In my experience I rarely have a problem with database performance. The elapsed query time is a fraction of the server response. Even in sites with thousands of posts.

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