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This site has been used for testing a number of different plugins and their compatibility with my own plugins – oik-plugins. I use it when I need to test things outwith my local development environment. At present I’m using it to test the new editor for WordPress, called Gutenberg.

There may be times when I have deactivated my own plugins. This will be apparent because shortcodes will appear as created in the content. 

Sometimes, my plugins will be turned off. When this is the case you’ll see shortcodes as I entered them. When my plugins are enabled I use the bw_geshi shortcode to give examples of the source.

<p>[wp v ] - expands to WordPress 4.9.1</p>

During the creation of my first issue on Gutenberg I discovered quite a few other problems. Some of these are referenced in my own GitHub repositories and others are raised against Gutenberg’s.

It really isn't all that bad. 
But it has a long way to go