Altis Accelerate: AI Generation block

  • I created a simple pie chart:
  • A,1 B,2 C,3
  • then asked AI Generation to Magicify > Make longer
  • Then I asked it to Magicify >Make shorter.

This is what happened

  1. The first time (Make longer) it extended the chart content, adding D,4 and E,5.
  2. For Make shorter it erased the chart content.
  3. Then I tried again. It erased the chart content.
  4. I reset the numbers and this time told it to double the figures.
  5. And it did: 2,4,6
  6. Then I said now halve them
  7. And it did: 1,2,3
  8. Triple the figures also worked: 3,6,9
  9. Now I’m going to try to accumulate the figures: 3,9,18

Summary file