Tip 2: Fast theme

Choose a fast theme that’s not full of bloatware, delivering unused CSS and JavaScript to the browser for every single request.

That’s probably a theme that doesn’t come with a page builder bundled into it.


For the time being this site is using GeneratePress. It seems good enough. If you don’t believe me measure the performance of this post.

Tested ?:

Free themes

There are over 9,200 themes on wordpress.org. A very small set of them are Full Site Editing (FSE) themes. FSE themes are also known as block based themes. Each of the themes on wordpress.org has been through a theme review process. They should be technically good. Picking a pre-built theme is easy. Switching between themes didn’t used to be easy. But it’s getting easier.


When I started preparing the performance measurements I initially picked the Avada theme, but gave up since I don’t have an active licence. I reverted to Twenty Twenty-Two; we were using the site for WordPress 5.9 demo.

But I wanted a theme with a small header, otherwise the mobile performance would be pretty good, since that’s all you get to see on a Moto G4 screen. So I picked GeneratePress.

Twenty Twenty-Two and FSE themes

If you wish you can preview this post with a number of other themes.