Server response by plugin revisited

The chart below displays a comparison of server response times for requests to the “Perf init?” page. vanilla represents the results when the minimum plugins required to gather the figures were activated. The other lines represent the results obtained when only that plugin was additionally activated.

The further the line is to the right, the longer the server response.

  • This chart shows a subset of the "Top 12 plugins" that were compared previously.
  • These plugins were the ones exhibiting the worst server responses.
  • The results represent 100 requests to for each of the plugins shown.


There's no reason(*) for any of the above plugins to do anything when the page is served.

(*) Exceptions are All in One SEO and Jetpack.

  • All in One SEO may feel it's necessary to display some hidden information which a robot might find useful.
  • Jetpack may being trying to display a GDPR widget.

So why do they each add 0.3 seconds, or more, to the server response?

Vanilla performance scores

The aptly titled Perf init? page is currently giving me perfect scores across the board.

Perf init? ( 16 Feb 16:58 )

First request

<!--PHP version:8.0.15
--><!--PHP functions:2005
--><!--User functions:3067
--><!--Registered widgets:29
--><!--Post types:14
--><!--Query time:0.0032474994659424
--><!--Trace file:
--><!--Trace records:
--><!--Trace errors:
--><!--Hook count:12153
--><!--Remote addr:
--><!--Elapsed (secs):0.379259

Cached response

Server msecs
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