cwiccer plugin – display performance scores

Use the cwiccer plugin to display performance scores.

Having created the new banner for the website from a screenshot of the Lighthouse performance scores modified to spell out cwiccer, I decided to develop a shortcode I could use on each page to display the latest known performance score for the post / page.

There’s a bit of a problem at the moment. The CSS, which is just a copy of the CSS that Lighthouse uses, is 8 times the size of either of the logo files. The generated HTML is smaller, and a lot more flexible than images.

NameFile sizeDimensionsPost Mime Type
cwiccer-logo-211286432 x 64image/webp
cwiccer-logo8612470 x 92image/jpeg

And here’s another interesting anomaly, the WebP version of the logo has a larger file size than the JPEG version, even though it’s got smaller dimensions. I’ll have to check the quality settings!