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Video block broken on iPad

These two videos were downloaded from They display correctly when I view them on my laptop, iPad and iPhone SE.

In, when viewed on my iPad and iPhone, they appear to be broken. Other people have confirmed this.

The Verse video block came from:

The Video block came from


It’s a known bug with WordPress Multi Site. Goes back a few years

A workaround was developed for

In response to


Dragging blocks

A third block

A block

Another block

On the Dashboard menu scrolled instead.

In Erica’s video she demonstrated moving blocks by clicking on the move up / move down then using the cursor to move the block. This doesn’t work on an iPad with an attached keyboard.

Once the blocks toolbar has focus then the left and right arrow keys may move through the tools, showing what they do. There’s no Escape key. Leaving a drop down menu requires you to click elsewhere. Sometimes the drop down menu doesn’t go away.


Nivo 1.15.3 with oik 4.1.0