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Gutenberg 6.5.0 delivered 32 new blocks – Social links. One you’ve inserted the Social links block you’ve got 31 choices for the blocks to include.

Each block requires the full URL to the social network. E.g.

You can’t tell from the icon whose social network you’ll visit. You have to see the URL in the link.

How come I can only see the first? Oh, it’s because it’s already partially completed? But what about the invisible ones?

Create/Update: 500px - core/social-link-fivehundredpx
Create/Update: Amazon - core/social-link-amazon
Create/Update: Archives - core/archives
Create/Update: Audio - core/audio
Create/Update: Bandcamp - core/social-link-bandcamp
Create/Update: Behance - core/social-link-behance
Create/Update: Button - core/button
Create/Update: Calendar - core/calendar
Create/Update: Categories - core/categories
Create/Update: Classic - core/freeform
Create/Update: Code - core/code
Create/Update: CodePen - core/social-link-codepen
Create/Update: Column - core/column
Create/Update: Columns - core/columns
Create/Update: Cover - core/cover
Create/Update: Custom HTML - core/html
Create/Update: DeviantArt - core/social-link-deviantart
Create/Update: Dribbble - core/social-link-dribbble
Create/Update: Dropbox - core/social-link-dropbox
Create/Update: Embed - core/embed
Create/Update: Etsy - core/social-link-etsy
Create/Update: Facebook - core/social-link-facebook
Create/Update: File - core/file
Create/Update: Flickr - core/social-link-flickr
Create/Update: Foursquare - core/social-link-foursquare
Create/Update: Gallery - core/gallery
Create/Update: Github - core/social-link-github
Create/Update: Goodreads - core/social-link-goodreads
Create/Update: Google - core/social-link-google
Create/Update: Group - core/group
Create/Update: Heading - core/heading
Create/Update: Image - core/image
Create/Update: Instagram - core/social-link-instagram
Create/Update: - core/social-link-lastfm
Create/Update: Latest Comments - core/latest-comments
Create/Update: Latest Posts - core/latest-posts
Create/Update: Link - core/social-link-chain
Create/Update: Linkedin - core/social-link-linkedin
Create/Update: List - core/list
Create/Update: Mail - core/social-link-mail
Create/Update: Mastodon - core/social-link-mastodon
Create/Update: Media & Text - core/media-text
Create/Update: Medium - core/social-link-medium
Create/Update: Meetup - core/social-link-meetup
Create/Update: More - core/more
Create/Update: Page Break - core/nextpage
Create/Update: Paragraph - core/paragraph
Create/Update: Pinterest - core/social-link-pinterest
Create/Update: Pocket - core/social-link-pocket
Create/Update: Preformatted - core/preformatted
Create/Update: Pullquote - core/pullquote
Create/Update: Quote - core/quote
Create/Update: Reddit - core/social-link-reddit
Create/Update: Reusable Block - core/block
Create/Update: RSS - core/rss
Create/Update: RSS Feed - core/social-link-feed
Create/Update: Search - core/search
Create/Update: Separator - core/separator
Create/Update: Shortcode - core/shortcode
Create/Update: Skype - core/social-link-skype
Create/Update: Snapchat - core/social-link-snapchat
Create/Update: Social links - core/social-links
Create/Update: Soundcloud - core/social-link-soundcloud
Create/Update: Spacer - core/spacer
Create/Update: Spotify - core/social-link-spotify
Create/Update: Subheading (deprecated) - core/subhead
Create/Update: Table - core/table
Create/Update: Tag Cloud - core/tag-cloud
Create/Update: Text Columns (deprecated) - core/text-columns
Create/Update: Tumblr - core/social-link-tumblr
Create/Update: Twitch - core/social-link-twitch
Create/Update: Twitter - core/social-link-twitter
Create/Update: Unrecognised Block - core/missing
Create/Update: Verse - core/verse
Create/Update: Video - core/video
Create/Update: Vimeo - core/social-link-vimeo
Create/Update: VK - core/social-link-vk
Create/Update: WordPress - core/social-link-wordpress
Create/Update: Yelp - core/social-link-yelp
Create/Update: YouTube - core/social-link-youtube

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