Block directory search

The block directory search is intended to search the directory of single block plugins. Since it was introduced in November 2019 it has undergone a number of changes. The current iteration uses REST requests to communicate with the server.

This is the beauty box. With a paragraph.

The search is invoked when you start typing in the Search for a block search field.

I tried Waves, but that didn’t work. Then I tried box, and got Beauty Box.

I read the blurb about the plugin, then selected the block.

Now I’ve no idea how to use the block and the plugin’s blurb is not visible any more.

This is the beauty box using

  • Preset shift left – Skew X 10.
  • And background colour light grey

This is the beauty box using

  • Preset shift right – Skew X -10
  • And background colour #0073a8