Gutenberg 4.6.1

To make Google Maps work.

So here’s Gutenberg 4.6.1, hot on the heels of 4.6.0, which was accompanied by WordPress. 5.0 RC2… though I missed it. So that means, in my book, there should definitely be a WordPress 5.0 RC3. 

The User documentation is still missing. If end users get shown the developers documentation many will give up in disgust.  This is a complete blocker. In fact, the handbook is in a hell of a state. 

And I bet autosave hasn’t been throttled. And there’s still no fix for my 4855 bug.

Do my blocks still work?


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GitHub Issue

[github wordpress gutenberg issue 4855]

[paypal type=”pay” shipadd=”0″][bw]How’s 4855.  Still no better. 

Classic block still adding unwanted p tags.



By Herb

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