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1480Meetup embed not working?
1184CSS and GeSHi test
1464CSV from file
1441Slog: Full Site Editing
1403SB Chart block v0.3.0
1390cookies shortcode
1383SG Deploy of staging to live
1379Staging site or Live site?
1340Rubber duck debugging
1329Stacked Bars

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Meetup embed not working?
CSS and GeSHi test


CSV from file

Slog: Full Site Editing

Preliminary server performance results with the Fizzie experimental Full Site Editing theme, versus Twenty Twenty, with / without Gutenberg 10.4.1

SB Chart block v0.3.0

SB Chart

cookies shortcode
SG Deploy of staging to live



Did you know that typing a load of hyphens creates a Separator block?



Staging site or Live site?

This post was written on the Live site after I’d created a staging version of the site ( called cwicc staging ). This was created as – a subdomain.

Now I’m going to publish this post and create a new staging copy.

Rubber duck debugging

Using the Chart Boat Booking plugin I created a product to “Sail your rubber duck on our pond”. But there were a couple of problems.

  1. The Booking form appears twice.
  2. Currency for additional fields shown in dollars.
  3. Start time was 9pm – I’d selected a Sunset sail – thinking it started at 4pm
  4. I didn’t know what to complete for Reservation and Final payment.

So now I’m debugging my new product… Rubber duck debugging.

Oh, and the original purpose of this post was to try the block.

But I don’t know what the block is?

Stacked Bars

SB Chart block test with Stacked Bar charts, including Horizontal.