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Malicious attempts to gain access to WordPress and Joomla administrative interfaces via brute force are currently ongoing on a global basis.

This attack type makes many thousands of login attempts using guessed username and password values.

Such is the volume of login attempts that they can reduce the performance of a server hosting sites under attack, rendering websites hosted on there slow to load or unavailable.

These automated login attempts are botnet-based and are near-impossible to block via traditional methods as a result.

As such, this further security measure has been implemented by the web hosting provider.

By completing the question, you can prove that you are a real live human being attempting to gain access to your WordPress or Joomla administrative interface.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused. This measure is essential to ensure the continued security and performance of websites hosted on this server.

You can read more on this topic, including measures you can take for additional security, here.

No. This is a security measure implemented by the web hosting provider and works separately from the actual website.

The system will remember you using a browser cookie once you have completed the question successfully.

Provided that you do not delete this cookie, you will not be asked to complete these questions again.

The web hosting provider can also white-list one or more IP addresses, or exempt the website from this security measure upon request.